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Accredited Beauty Courses

Why is it important that your course is accredited?

When a course is accredited, it means that, and official body has given the authority to an educational institution to conduct training and assessment to ensure specific standards are met.

SETA stands for SECTOR Education and Training Authority which is a vocational skills training organisation in South Africa.  There are currently 21 SETAs at this stage and each one is responsible within its own jurisdiction for the management and creation of learnerships, unit-based skills programmes, internships and apprenticeships.   In South Africa, each and every industry and occupation is covered by one of the individual SETAs.

Beauty Therapy falls under the service sector and therefore all training is monitored and moderated by Service SETA. Rey beauty school is nationally accredited with Service SETA and as a result all of our training material, quality management systems, policies and procedures including our training facility has been moderated and approved.

It is vital that you check the accreditation of any institution you are interested in studying with, an accredited certificate is authorised evidence that you are qualified.

It is also important to note that certificates of attendance or product training certificates are not the same as an accredited certificate.

Sign up for a full time or part time course with Rey Beauty School confidently knowing that your certificate is nationally accredited.

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